Do you really know who you’re hiring?  Have you thought about the cost of not knowing?


  • 55% of all resumes or applications contain outright lies
  • Workers Compensation fraud accounts for 25% of all insurance fraud ($7.2 Billion annually)
  • 25% to 40% of all employees steal from their employers ($50 Billion annually)
  • 55% of theft perpetrators are in a management position
  • 75% of adult illicit drug users are employed (15% of the workforce)
  • Drug and alcohol abusers use three times as many sick days, are 4 times more likely to be in an accident, 5 times more likely to file for workers compensation, and 10 times more likely to steal

The Challenge:  Job applicants can look good on paper and even interview well, but 25 years of empirical data show that 15-25% of them have a “dark side” that would disqualify them from candidacy.  Most employers find this out after it’s too late.  And traditional screening tools like background checks, motor vehicle reports, and drug testing can be both expensive and ineffective…and they typically occur later in the hiring process, after you have already expended significant time and money getting the applicant to that point. But short of sending each applicant for a time-consuming, expensive, and impractical psychological evaluation, can you really know what’s going on inside their head?

The Solution:  The Merchants Integrity Test (powered by Merchants Information Solutions) is an inexpensive, proven, effective, 10-minute screening tool administered in the initial phase of the hiring process.  It identifies job applicants who are high risk in the areas of theft, substance abuse, hostility, and faking.

Supported by 30 years of university research by industrial psychologists, the test has been taken by millions of prospective employees of companies nationwide since 1979 with impressive results. It is fully EEOC compliant and has been certified to be both validated and non-discriminatory.

The test has proven to be so effective that it is backed by a full money-back guarantee from Merchants.

The Results: (based on empirical data collected by researchers)

  • Workers Compensation cost reductions of 40% to 60%
  • Workers Compensations claims over $20,000 were reduced by 90%
  • Employee turnover was reduced on average by 25%
  • Companies using Integrity Testing experienced an ROI of 10-1 or more!

Additional benefits include:

  • Reductions in health care claims, unemployment claims, litigation, theft, sub-par performance, and other adverse behaviors
  • Lower failure rate of drug testing, background screening, and other pre-hire testing
  • Improved employee morale

Put the Merchants Integrity Test™ to work in your organization.  You will soon reap the benefits of hiring those applicants possessed of integrity—and avoiding Pinocchios! Get a Proposal Now., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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