The Test Itself

The Merchants Integrity Test™ is an “overt” test, meaning that the questions on the test are very direct.  It is not a personality test requiring extensive training to interpret results.  Each question makes direct inquiry into the frequency, likelyhood, or extent of problem behaviors in areas of substance abuse, theft, felony, and hostility

The test is comprised of  about 50 questions that have been carefully worded, vetted, tested, and, where necessary, updated by the team of Industrial/Organizational psychologists to ensure they are producing results that are both Validated and Non-discriminatory. (Under certain circumstances, we are happy to provide you with the questions upon execution of our non-disclosure agreement.)

Applicants may take the test either over the Internet via Merchants Information Solutions’ secure applicant website or on small, portable Data Recorders provided by Merchants Information Solutions (e.g., the latter occurs, for example, in situations where applicants are not likely to have access to the Internet). An audio version in English or Spanish is also available for applicants who are blind or illiterate.  In any case, the test is self-administered utilizing electronic formats.  It can also be integrated into applicant tracking systems and is available in over 20 different languages.

After the applicant finishes the last question, the test result is immediately available to the hiring manager.  The result is red light/green light: either Qualified or Not Qualified.  No interpretation or gray area is involved.

The most frequent question we get from people new to the test is:  do applicants really admit to these behaviors, knowing they are applying for a job?  The answer is an unequivocal YES!  After literally millions of these tests in over 25 years of administering them, the data confirms that between 15% to 25% of the applicants will be screened out due to their answers on this test.  Why do these applicants do this?  As indicated above, according to the proven psychological principal of cognitive dissonance, individuals involved in ongoing, risky behaviors (like theft and/or illegal drug use) eventually rationalize their behavior. After a while, they come to believe that there is nothing wrong with their abnormal conduct. The Merchants Integrity Test obtains a high level of honest disclosures from the applicant. In fact, over 90% of all applicants screened tell the truth about their high-risk behaviors.

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